Non Traditional Solutions for Issues Plaguing Food and Beverage Industries.

As a company that regularly builds and renovates factories used for food and beverage manufacturing, RFW Construction Group takes an interest in how the current food and beverage shipping situation is impacting our clients. That leads us to the question of what are companies doing to cope with the pressures from port congestion and the various shipping difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic?

Del Monte, one of the leaders in the food and beverage industry, is an example of a company that has had to seek out alternative ways to ship. The company has successfully utilized non-traditional ports in their shipping process so they can meet the large demands of their customers. 

“We control our destiny, and we’re not bound to the fluctuations of the market,” says McCawley, head of commercial at Network Shipping, Fresh Del Monte’s ocean logistics arm. The company is not letting the current problem of shipping delays that has been plaguing the world stop them from delivering food and beverage products on time to their customers.  We here RFW love to hear about this kind of ingenuity and forward thinking that leads to customer satisfaction!

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