Your powerhouse in food processing

When it comes to Food Processing, we have a green thumb.

Our vertically integrated process is backed by an experienced team of architects, engineers, and construction professionals dedicated to a proactive approach. Our home office and field teams have extensive experience in complex food and beverage operations.


Our process

The future of food starts here.

Our experience and expertise in the food industry have helped us to establish a reputation for success. There is no substitute for the knowledge, seasoning, and attention you get from working on many projects. We specialize in highly sensitive categories like food processing because we have so much experience with these kinds of things.

Bottom-line: Our breadth of expertise means that nothing is missed upfront, enabling us to deliver your project flawlessly without change orders or errors caused by mistakes upfront – this is how we do business here at RFW! Trustworthy service based upon honesty are fundamental elements that have allowed our company’s success over time; this motto sums it all up… “Simply do what you say you’re going to do.”

stage 1

✓ initial planning
✓ feasibility
✓ scoping

stage 2

✓ design
✓ purchase
✓ schedule

stage 3

✓ Construction
✓ Setup
✓ Commissioning