Good News for Turbulent Times?

With the way the world is going, good news is few and far between.

Despite the numerous issues plaguing the construction industry, there is some good news in construction right now!

The construction industry is growing at a rapid pace even with labor shortages, extended timelines and supply chain disruptions. Construction business owners have been left in an increasingly difficult position as they strive to make their businesses more efficient while also dealing head on with mounting issues. But there are still plenty of reasons why we should remain positive about the future of construction! 

Here are five reasons why:

1. Show us the money!
The Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) means that there will be $550 billion in new spending for things like bridges, roads, transit and much more over a multi year period.  New construction projects are always good news for the construction industry and government funding is like music to our ears.

2. Construction is the future. 
Interest in construction as an exciting career is growing. An increasing number of young people are now considering trades as a viable career option instead of the traditional four year college path. The longer young ones are in school, the more student loans they accumulate and many now no longer want that heavy financial burden as they start out life. Many are turning to trades as an alternative solution. Young ones can get into the workforce faster and with less debt when they choose the trade school option. Not to mention the job satisfaction that comes with the creativity involved in building and designing.

3. Advancing Technology.
Construction technology is changing at a rapid rate thanks in part to government grants. Grant money will assist in advancing construction technology to help builders do their work in a more efficient and cost effect manner.

4. Go Green!
As cities continue to grow, more efforts are being made to go green. Construction is a dirty business. Every year, the construction industry produces billions of tons of waste, much of which ends up in landfills. In addition, the use of heavy machinery and chemicals can have a negative impact on the environment. However, there is a growing movement within the construction industry to “go green” and make efforts to help to protect the environment. As more and more companies adopt green practices, it is hoped that the construction industry will become cleaner and more sustainable.

5. Some serious upgrades.
Every year new safety improvements are made to construction machinery.  Is your company’s equipment up to date? Updating your products can lead to better workplace efficiency, fewer accidents and overall better quality of craftsmanship.

Clearly, the future of construction is looking pretty rosy in these uncertain times! We at RFW Construction continue to be excited to be part of this ever evolving industry.

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