Construction Death Rate: Why is it Increasing?

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places, and the death rate of those working in the field is often on the rise. This is a cause for concern, as the loss of life due to workplace accidents should always be taken very seriously. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why the death rate in the construction industry is often increasing, and what companies can do to stay safe and avoid such tragic losses.

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries to work in, with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimating that over 150 workers die in construction-related accidents in the United States every year. Most recently this sad situation has been made tragically evident by the death rate increasing by 9% in New York state. The total number of workers who died in New York increased to 61 in 2021, up from 41 in 2020.

The most common causes of these deaths are falls, being struck by objects, and electrocution. In addition, many of these accidents are preventable, making them particularly tragic. There are several factors that can contribute to the increasing death rate. One of the most significant is lack of safety training and equipment. Many construction workers lack the training and experience needed to stay safe on the job, leading to mistakes that can have fatal consequences. Furthermore, construction sites often lack the necessary safety equipment, such as scaffolding and fall protection systems, which can significantly reduce the risk of death or injury.

Another key factor is a lack of enforcement of safety laws. Many employers fail to follow safety regulations and do not receive any consequences for their negligence. This lack of accountability often leads to unsafe practices that can create hazardous work environments and put workers’ lives at risk. Also, a lack of OSHA employees can be a major contributor to the increasing death rate in the industry. OSHA employees are responsible for conducting safety inspections, providing safety training, and enforcing safety regulations. Unfortunately, there are often not enough OSHA employees to adequately oversee construction sites and ensure that they are safe.

So, what can companies do to stay safe and avoid workplace fatalities? The first step is to ensure that all workers receive proper safety training and equipment. All construction workers should be trained in the proper use of safety equipment and be aware of the risks associated with the job. In addition, companies should invest in the necessary safety equipment, such as scaffolding and fall protection systems, to reduce the risk of accidents and fatalities.

Second, companies should ensure that they are following all safety regulations and that they are held accountable for any violations. Employers should be aware of the potential consequences of violating safety laws and take steps to ensure that they are not breaking any regulations. Furthermore, OSHA should enforce these laws and provide heftier fines for companies that are not following safety regulations.

Safety has always been our top concern here at RFW Construction. For over five decades we have tirelessly focused on keeping our sites as safe as possible. By following the above steps all construction companies can help reduce the death rate on their job sites. Taking the necessary steps to ensure safety can help save the most important commodity on the job site, people’s lives.

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