We get logistics

Optimize logistics, save space, increase productivity

One of the hardest jobs for a construction firm is constructing distribution centers or warehouses. The first step is to maximize the efficiency of a site by assessing logistics, infrastructure, transportation, and workforce while reducing the impact of site access, fire codes, drainage, electrical power demands, and square foot costs. The next step is to design and construct a facility that maximizes employee productivity. Every client’s products are unique, therefore the objective is to design and construct the ideal flow and set up for each.


Our process

Supply chain management made easy

There is no question that warehousing and distribution require huge resources. You can’t take chances or skimp on critical components. You need to contract with a construction company and a construction solution that can take you from the initial, most undefined phase of design all the way through to a fully operational warehouse or distribution center. That is what RFW Construction offers that differs from a typical construction company. From the first to the last day, we’re with you every step of the way to ensure that your project is precisely what you want.

stage 1

✓ initial planning
✓ feasibility
✓ scoping

stage 2

✓ design
✓ purchase
✓ schedule

stage 3

✓ Construction
✓ Setup
✓ Commissioning