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With decades of experience, RFW has built a nationwide reputation for delivering major industrial projects, specializing in fast track design and construction of:

Food Processing Facilities  /  Freezers  /  Cold storage Distribution Centers  /  Manufacturing Facilities  /  Bulk Storage Distribution Centers

How have we succeeded? By focusing on key ingredients. Just ask our many repeat clients and the folks they’ve referred to us.


Safety is huge with us. From day one on the site, we preach – and train for – workplace safety. It’s mandatory. But many of our projects are also food-related, with unique demands and regulations for food safety.

We practice zero tolerance for most safety hazards. From random drug testing (zero tolerance) to weekly toolbox talks, OSHA training to third party inspections, it’s a daily routine on all our projects. A comprehensive safety plan incorporates specific site rules and regulations. We maintain rigorous standards for hazard communications. We qualify all subcontractors for safety.

We’re experts on the challenges of MSDS and PSM issues, so you can rest assured every base is covered on your project.

Our experience modifier number is just one indicator of how well we practice what we preach about safety. That and the fact we have had no lost time accidents in 5 years.

Of course, no one’s perfect. But striving for it is the safest thing we can do.

Food Safety

USDA (FSIS), FDA, EPA, OSHA. We’re quite familiar with the regulations and guidelines these agencies send out.

From day one training forward, we know the value of successfully meeting these standards as your food and beverage building contractor. We have zero tolerance for anything less.

Our approach to clean design allows us to have no impact on daily operations. So you can go about your business while we build for you.

RFW Principles For Sanitary Design And Construction Of Food Processing Facilities:

Principle 1:  Distinct Hygienic Zones Established In The Facility 
Principle 2:  Personnel & Material Flows Controlled To Reduce Hazards 
Principle 3:  Water Accumulations Controlled Inside Facility 
Principle 4:  Room Temperature & Humidity Controlled 
Principle 5:  Room Air Flow & Room Air Quality Controlled 
Principle 6:  Site Elements Facilitate Sanitary Conditions 
Principle 7:  Building Envelope Facilitates Sanitary Conditions 
Principle 8:  Interior Spatial Design Promotes Sanitation 
Principle 9:  Building Components & Construction Facilitate Sanitary Conditions 
Principle 10:  Utility Systems Designed To Prevent Contamination 
Principle 11:  Sanitation Integrated Into Facility Design

Company Culture

At RFW, we focus like a laser on our clients. Just ask our 80% base of repeat customers for proof. Our past performance is the best reason to find out what we can do for you.

How do we focus so successfully? First, we respond to client requests. That means first we listen closely to you.

We maintain our threefold commitment to quality, safety and performance.

We solve your problems, instead of just trying to reduce ours.

We team with you to see the project through, with integrity, honesty and all the other traditional values that appear to be in short supply today. A good team communicates clearly and regularly.


RFW has honed a reputation for success in several major industries through our decades of experience in the business. There’s no substitute for the specialized knowledge, seasoning and attention to detail gained through multiple projects, especially in highly sensitive categories like food processing.

In food processing we concentrate our efforts in “square inch” details which translates into meticulous observance of every component of an industrial, distribution, manufacturing, or cold storage project. Bottom line is we are so experienced that nothing is missed upfront therefore you will see NO CHANGE ORDERS because we thoroughly complete our due diligence on the front end. This is how we do business. Trust and honesty are the foundation of our success and the basis of our slogan…”Simple Do What You Say You Are Going To Do.”

Check our our project portfolio to see the full range of our experience.

About Design-Build

Years ago, we committed in-house to Design-Build as our construction delivery method, as opposed to the more traditional Design-Bid-Build (although we can work this way, too). It’s succeeded for us, but more especially for our clients all across the nation who keep coming back for their next project.

Why You’ll Like Design-Build

Design-Build places the responsibility squarely on us to deliver your project with no “surprises.” And it does, typically in the following ways:

Lower cost (4–6% cheaper)
Faster completion (7–12% quicker)
Shifts risk from owner to design builder
Early identification of all costs
Design builder more responsible and accountable
Stronger project partnership
Improves interaction between owner & design builder
Best value
Design Charettes (multiple interactions to develop the right project) facilitate timely communication
Designed For Success

RFW Construction Group’s full service professional design and project operations staff is highly experienced in civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, refrigeration, electrical and process engineering. Which leads to our successful track record in fast-track design-build construction. Our approach ensures you will get the most out of your precious capital investment dollars.